Captain Atom #2
Captain Atom Vol 2-2 Cover-1
General Information
Series: Captain Atom
Issue Number: 2
First Published: Oct 19, 2011
Previous Issue: Captain Atom #1
Next Issue: Captain Atom #3

Synopsis for "Rebuilding Blocks"

An earthquake has caused a volcanic eruption in the middle of Manhattan. The people saw Captain Atom descend into the volcano and are calling him a hero. After the save, Captain Atom is still having difficulties adjusting to his new powers and holding himself together, including being overwhelmed by text messages that he can "hear". He returns to the Continuum for help where Doctor Megala recounts Captain Atom's origin in brief to Ranita Carter while treating the Captain. During treatment and testing, Captain Atom becomes more familiar with his new-found ability to "view" multi-media communications as they are being transmitted wirelessly. While playing with this ability, he finds a message from Mikey, a child with cancer, asking Captain Atom for help. Captain Atom heads to Kansas City and gives it a try. Unfortunately, the Captain is inside the childs head when the doctors start their next treatment, and Captain Atom is about to get removed! Steeled with determination, Captain Atom gives an energy blast and removes the cancer, with valiant success! Meanwhile in parts unknown, a man encounters a strange dog. A dog that has taken his face!

Appearing in "Rebuilding Blocks"

Featured Characters

Supporting Characters


  • Coming Soon

Other Characters

  • Mikey (Single Appearance)



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  • None Known


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  • Coming Soon


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