Captain Atom #3
Captain Atom Vol 2-3 Cover-1
General Information
Series: Captain Atom
Issue Number: 3
First Published: Nov 16, 2011
Previous Issue: Captain Atom #2
Next Issue: Captain Atom #4

Synopsis for "Divine Intervention"

Opens with a series of "close calls" for seemingly random people (a window cleaner on scaffold nearly falls to his death, a woman finds incredible strength to save a child from a falling steel I beam, a family mysteriously avoid a hail of bullets, young lady survives attempted suicide, and three vague panels of benevolence by Captain Atom, unnoticed by his benefactors) Searching for the meaning of his existence Captain Atom arrives in Libya where he encounters The Flash. Meanwhile at the Continuum Ratina, Dr. Scott Alexander and Dr. Megala observe a spike in microwave feedback in Libya while arguing about Captain Atom and surmise Captain Atom is the cause. Libya: The Flash questions the stability of Captain Atom's powers and urges caution, during the conversation they discover that they are in Libya for basically the same reason, to aid the freedom fighters. Captain Atom stuns The Flash by "simply transforming the molecules of a tank to hydrogen and oxygen". Captain Atom "feels" the primary explosion of a nuclear warhead beginning and speeds off to stop it while The Flash creates a perimeter and gets the people to safety. Captain Atom absorbes the energy from the explosion with great effort, during this time the clock goes backwards from 258:07:21:15 to 258:07:21:13. Oregon: Unidentified monster from last issue walking having taken on a humanoid appearance. Continuum: When Captain Atom arrives Rantina says that she tried to warn him. Before he's able to get a clarification about the warning, he is bathed in bright lights and confronted by General Wade Eiling flanked by men in radiation suits and sporting firearms

Appearing in "Divine Intervention"

Featured Characters

Supporting Characters


Other Characters

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