Dog Pound
Dog Pound team
General Information
Current Members: Devil Dog
Junkyard Dog
Status: Active
Base(s): El Paso, Texas



After the death of the second Hellhound, a dog-like humanoid and the cousin of the first Hellhound, held a title match in order to have the right to use the name Hellhound. The fight was interrupted by Blue Beetle, who told them to come up with their own identities and suggested the names Anubis and Devil Dog. He told them to stay away from his hometown.

Villain of Blue Beetle

They later reemerged as a team, using the names Jaime suggested and called themselves "The Global Ultra-society of Dread" and later agreed on "Dog Pound". When attempting a robbery, they were defeated by Blue Beetle. They were also later seen in during an attack on the JSA led by Tapeworm, along with Junkyard Dog. While it's unknown when Junkyard joined them, it is implied that he is part of the team when he commented on how he tells Anubis to shut up when he tries to make jokes. Wildcat manages to punch all three of the dog-themed baddies out, leaving Junkyard and Anubis seriously bruised when they questioned them.



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