Justice League International #2
Justice League International Vol 3-2 Cover-1
General Information
Series: Justice League International
Issue Number: 2
First Published: October 5, 2011
Previous Issue: Justice League International #1
Next Issue: Justice League International #3

Synopsis for "The Signal Masters: Part Two"

The UN’s take over of the Justice League name and the Hall of Justice its old headquarters is vocally protested by a minority in the USA. Biggs surveys the damage after a small number of conspirators burn down the Hall to keep it out of the UN’s hands. He hope’s there won’t be any more bad news, but he hasn’t heard from Peru yet. The team scatter before the massive robot, but it gives no reaction to their presence. It starts firing blasts of energy skyward, before refocusing them on the ground in front of it. It’s all Booster’s group can do to stop from becoming collateral damage. Ice is hurt in the confusion so Booster signals a strategic withdrawal against the angry protests of Rocket Red. There is a tense meeting between Biggs and Booster’s team in front of the ruined Hall of Justice. The man from the UN is worried about the public relations disaster and how the Batman’s presence undermines his efforts to present a group without secret identities. He berated Booster for leaving Peru and even calls him a "coward". Green Lantern Guy Gardner, who had seen Ice’s injury on TV, arrives to chime it. Booster almost walks, but the August General In Iron and Batman stand up and say that they would he "honored" to follow him. That silences any criticism, at least for the moment. Skeets, Booster’s robotic companion, contacts him with news that three other robot giants have appeared. Each is firing energy, a signal, into space and it appears that their agenda is more than just random destruction. Their signal is received by computer system out in deep space. That computer awakens an armoured figure who declairs that "Planet 3-147 Earth dies today".

Appearing in "The Signal Masters: Part Two"

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