Justice League International #3
Justice League International Vol 3-3 Cover-1
General Information
Series: Justice League International
Issue Number: 3
First Published: November 2, 2011
Previous Issue: Justice League International #2
Next Issue: Justice League International #4

Synopsis for "The Signal Masters: Part Three"

Biggs surveys the situation from a van parked outside the ruins of the Hall of Justice. Under Booster’s direction the JLI has split into four groups to infiltrate the caverns beneath the four Signalmen. In Peru, Booster uses his blasters to create a with broad spectrum glare he hopes will distract the Peruvian Signalman while Batman sneaks into the cavern below. The detective finds traces of the UN science team and presses deeper. Rocket Red and Ice investigate a Signalman in the Russian Arctic and discover that there is also a chamber buried deep beneath it. Ice forms an ice sphere which she and Red use as a bathysphere to dive to the bottom of the ocean floor. From there they break through into the cavern. Rocket Red’s sensors show the the cavern is older than humanity. In South Africa, Fire repeats Booster distraction stunt and Vixen borrows badger tunnelling powers to dig down to their Signalman’s cavern. Vixen and Fire follow the tunnels deeper, but are over run by small rock-like humanoids. The creatures the carry their unconscious bodies deeper into the cave system. In Canada, the local Signalman suddenly becomes active firing a powerful beam of light into the sky. The August General decides that it is already distracted enough so he and Godvia jump down a hole created by the General. Once underground they attacked by the same rock-humanoids as attacked Fire and Vixen. The General scares them off, but they are unprepared for what they find deeper in the cavern. Batman has reached the bottom of the Peruvian cavern system. Booster joins him to investigate large machines which are maintained by the rock-humanoids. Batman tells Booster to keep the guards off him while he hacks into their computer system. He realises that somebody is watching the giants, but Booster and he are over-run by the rock creatures. Biggs becomes impatient after he loses contact with Booster and despairs when he’s told that a massive spaceship has entered Earth’s orbit. Green Lantern Guy Gardner overhears the news about the space ship and decides to investigate on his own. Each of the Signalmen is shooting its eye beams into the sky and those beams meet at a point alongside the space ship. Gardner cuts his way into the ship, but he is clobbered from behind by its occupant, Peraxxus.

Appearing in "The Signal Masters: Part Three"

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