I think that because they're doing an Earth 2 series it isn't out of the question for there to be an Earth 3 series focused on the Crime Syndicate of America that shows their origins and stories. This could build up a story for Scarab and build hugely upon Booster Gold's counterpart who doesn't even have a name yet.

They could also do another solo Booster Gold title or Booster Gold and Rip Hunter that would involve them travelling through time.


Blue Beetle and Booster Gold characters I'd like to see appear or play a larger role in the New 52.

  • Black Beetle - Some villains are very similar to the heroes, just chose a different path. Black Beetle has even posed as the Blue Beetle but definitely uses his technology in a different way to Jaime Reyes, I'd like to see him as a threat once more.
  • Director - I like his costume design but it could use updating into something less generic.
  • Goldstar - Booster's sister, if I want to see someone from his past then it's her.
  • Dr. Nishtikeit - A very interesting enemy of Booster Gold, I really think they could make him a real threat to the hero.


  • Dog Pound - I just find the team quirky and could make some great storylines.
  • Khaji Da Revolutionary Army - Features some really cool characters that I'd love to see again. Very possibly turning up again soon in the Green Lantern/Blue Beetle crossover.

What do you think about any of my ideas here? What would you like to see in the New 52 related to Blue Beetle and Booster Gold?

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